JE T'AIME: The Legendary Love Story

JE T'AIME: The Legendary Love Story

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When the young Jane Birkin met film star Serge Gainsbourg in 1968, he had recently divorced from Brigitte Bardot and was contemptuous of the debutante who was presented to him as his co-star. Jane was a typical product of the swinging scene in London, and although she was only 21 she had recently escaped from her husband, the playboy Bond-theme composer John Barry, after she discovered his infidelity. The sexy, feminist Bardot had been determined to pursue affairs with the same casualness as the men in her circle. When she married the millionaire Gunther Sachs she entered the jet-set world of the Jaggers, the Aga Khan, Jackie Kennedy and Maris Callas, and her affair with the ugly Gainsbourg raised eyebrows. Their eventual separation left him desolate, but meanwhile the film director Grimblat was looking for actors to perform his autobiographical film Slogan, fixing on Birkin for the femme fatale. Gainsbourg was piqued by Birkin's apparent cool indifference to his interest, and their affair became inevitable. "Je t'aime" is the song Gainsbourg wrote for Bardot, but his albums with Birkin came to define the sixties. The filming of The Swimming Pool saw him mad with jealousy of Alain Delon, acting out the eroticism symbolised by the pool itself, and Serge exploited Jane's androgyny in his film Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus, in which she suffers sexual humiliation. The relationship was doomed. 248pp, paperback, black and white photos, discography.
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