BLITZ AND BLOCKADE: Henry Moore at the Hermitage

BLITZ AND BLOCKADE: Henry Moore at the Hermitage

THE HENRY MOORE FOUNDATION    Book Number: 81743    Product format: Hardback

The Henry Moore Foundation was delighted when it was invited to exhibit the Shelter Drawings at Russia's prestigious Hermitage Gallery. During the Blitz, when German bombs rained intensively over British cities, especially London, civilians were forced to take refuge at night where they could, often in underground stations. Henry Moore was fascinated by the sight of the dimly illuminated sleeping people, huddling together for warmth and comfort. The lack of form no doubt reminded him of his own sculptures, and perhaps also brought back memories of his time served in the trenches of the First World War. This collection of drawings in a variety of media including wax crayon, pencil, ink and wash, vividly depicts the despair and discomfort of the worried people sleeping, eating or just alone with their thoughts. Reminder notes scribbled by the artist on his sketchbook contain such entries as 'Remember figures last Wednesday night (Piccadilly tube) Two sleeping figures seen from above sharing cream coloured/thin blanket (drapery closely stuck to form)...' As well as the drawings the book includes a review of Henry Moore's sculptures with many colour plates, and chapters covering such subjects as 'Politics and Invention: Moore and the Second World War', 'The Hermitage Under Siege' and 'Out of Chaos' which was a film made in 1944 showing war artists at work and that included Henry Moore demonstrating how he created his Shelter Drawings. There is also a catalogue of sculptures and drawings and a Henry Moore chronology. A comparison of the Blitz underground shelters with the Hermitage bomb shelters where the Russian people congregated during the Blockade of Leningrad makes interesting reading. 144pp. Colour and b/w illustrations. A rare find.
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