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Learn to build up a painting in thin layers of diluted paint, by first establishing the dark values and half-tones, then going on to strengthen the lighter areas with fine trails of thicker paint. The transparency of Renoir's colours heightens their intensity and here you will be able to identify wet-on-wet oil painting or alla prima and gain a spontaneous response to your subject. Renoir was a founding member of the Impressionist movement and is one of the most popular artists of the modern era. He had a spontaneous approach to his work, especially with landscapes, and this book will enable you to create oil paintings in Renoir's distinctive style by learning his techniques. It begins with advice on setting up your studio, tips on choosing oil paint, brushes, palette knives, turps and other necessities. After examining some of Renoir's work for inspiration you are shown how to select a composition of your own before being taken through a series of masterclasses. Examples include the painting of daffodils with a view through trees, Arran from Skipness, flowers in a vase, figures on a beach, dappled light, two girls in the garden, a bathing nude and yellow roses. Various painting exercises are also given as well as plenty of advice. It won't be long before you too have captured Renoir's dynamic brushstrokes and distinctive style. 128pp, 8" x 10" and packed with preparatory drawings in colour and other colour illus.
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