LETTER BY LETTER: An Alphabetical Miscellany

LETTER BY LETTER: An Alphabetical Miscellany

LAURENT PFLUGHAUPT    Book Number: 80874    Product format: Paperback

Designer, calligrapher and artist Laurent Pflughaupt analyses each letter of the Roman alphabet in detail. Letters are more than building blocks in our language - some people believe they form the basis of our consciousness, expressing their own mysterious beauty. In uncovering their secrets, the author traces origins, evolution and form, important abbreviations, symbols and associated meanings. Arranged in alphabetical order, the 26 entries about each letter establishes correspondence between letters and elements borrowed from traditional palaeography, phonetics and graphic arts to the more arcane areas of musicology, esotericism and even Eastern philosophy. With glossary, timelines and images, beautiful border decorations, hieroglyphics and more. 160 large page softback from Princeton Architectural Press.
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ISBN 9781568987378
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