THIS SIDE OF PARADISE: Leatherbound Edition

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THIS SIDE OF PARADISE: Leatherbound Edition

F. SCOTT FITZGERALD    Book Number: 84615    Product format: Hardback

The Great Gatsby (1925) is rightly regarded as one of the greatest novels written by an American author. Born in 1896, F. Scott Fitzgerald enrolled at Princeton University in 1913 and in 1919 met Zelda Sayre, a vivacious and unconventional Alabama girl who was to become the model for many female characters in his fiction. Fitzgerald could write credibly about the rural American South (The Ice Palace, The Jelly-Bean), the country-club culture of the East (Bernice Bobs Her Hair) and upper middle class communities of the Midwest (The Camel's Back). He could write a deeply personal drama from the viewpoint of a single character (Benediction), stories with a clear-cut moral (The Four Fists) and he was not above resorting to fantasy (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, O Russet Witch!) or the tall tale (The Diamond As Big As the Ritz). Much of the appeal of his stories lies in their effervescent humour and exuberant characters and there always seems to be a party going on that coaxes witty repartee. The stories in this volume represent Fitzgerald's earliest professionally published short fiction and rank among the best he produced in his liftime. Includes This Side of Paradise, The Beautiful and the Damned, Short Stories About Flappers and Philosophers and Tales From the Jazz Age. 23 stories, 852 magnificent gilt edge pages with satin bookmarker in sturdily bound pale cream leather binding with gold tooling and ruby red lettering.
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ISBN 9781435146198
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I am not a great lover of F. Scott Ftizgerald. The Great Gatesby is another story. The leather bound edition is however very beautiful!
from Anonymous on 19/01/2019
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