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Seals tell us so much about the status of the owner, give historical information around their imagery and can help date a document. Through this combination of text, image and material form, they encrypt aspects of identity and are miniature marvels and glimpses into other world of art, thought, humour, trade, labour, majesty and power. Royal Seals is an introduction to the seals of the kings and queens of England, Scotland and latterly the United Kingdom, as well as the Church and nobility. Ranging from Medieval times to modern day, it uses images of impressive wax seals held at The National Archives to show the historical importance of these beautiful works of art whether royal, personal or ecclesiastical. Included are features on the great seals of famous monarchs like Richard III, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and 20th century monarchs, as well as insights on the role of seals in treaties and foreign policy. With seals of the nobility and lower orders included, there are plates such as an Oath of Supremacy Christ Church Cathedral 1534 in a burnt orange colour and Lion rampant emblem of Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk 1301 in emerald green. Published in association with The National Archives. 168 pages.

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