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George Michael found fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams from the formation of Wham! in 1981. Their music formed the soundtrack to the 1980s, but when they split in 1986, George went on to greater things as a solo artist. He achieved all this despite growing up in a dysfunctional family where his father openly proclaimed that George had no talent. Along the way he was embroiled in several controversies, but always happy to address the issues head on with the media. A court case with Sony, an arrest in a Los Angeles public toilet, minor run-ins over class C drugs and traffic offences in London, the biography tackles the issues that formed the superstar and his place as a cultural icon. In the last decade before his untimely death he had returned to touring and achieved a massively successful 25 Live tour and the critically acclaimed Symphonica after a serious health scare and a stint in prison. In the months before his death, George was working on new material and a TV documentary. It was only after his death in December 2016 that stories of the full extent of his generosity came to light, adding another layer to the complex story of an unusual superstar. 234pp, paperback with illustrations, we have the 2007 original edition.

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