UNIVERSAL: A Guide To The Cosmos

UNIVERSAL: A Guide To The Cosmos

BRIAN COX & JEFF FORSHAW    Book Number: 91745    Product format: Hardback

Cosmology is surely the most audacious branch of science. The idea that the Milky Way, our home galaxy of 400 billion stars, was once compressed into a region so vanishingly small is outlandish enough. That the entire visible congregation of billions of galaxies once occupied such a sub-atomic sized patch sounds like insanity, but to many cosmologists this claim isn't even mildly controversial. This is a book about how we can gain an understanding of the Universe by studying science, and answers fundamental questions about our Earth, Sun and solar systems and even the Universe beyond. How far away are the stars and galaxies? How big is the Universe? What is it made of? What is it like in the distant past? We dare to imagine a time before the Big Bang when this epic journey of scientific exploration. How quickly is space expanding? The questions are answered on the basis of observations you can make in your own garden and the help of this lavish hardback with many pages of black paper to highlight the 55 black and white and 45 full colour pages featuring photographs, diagrams, maps, tables and graphs. 288pp, colour.
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