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Sub-titled 'Unique Typographic Design In Sketchbooks, In Print and On Location Around the Globe', learn what typography can say about a brand or product. The book showcases the work of major international designers in branding and advertising, packaging and products, environmental and self-initiated projects. It concludes with a workbook section featuring four real-world 'briefs' related to each category. Each designer gives an insight into what each project was like from start to finish. Ian Barnard had a calligraphy project in 2016 applying calligraphy to a range of different surfaces using a variety of paint markers, brushes and pens and he shares his idea of how he collected random objects from charity shops and jumble sales like a violin or an old motorcycle helmet, resprayed them in a contrasting colour so that the type will show up. The letterers explain the harmony between concept, content and intention and the different mediums, lettering and colours to find a combination that represents the concept intuitively as opposed to literally, communicating a message without relying too heavily on words. The different styles and colours are captured in this showcase whether for whisky or a handcrafted protein lollipop, a no entry sign or a shed design. A worldwide gallery of contributors. 160 very large pages in softback, colour throughout.

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ISBN 9781631592737

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