QUR'AN: A Beginner's Guide

QUR'AN: A Beginner's Guide

FARID ESACK    Book Number: 91168    Product format: Paperback

No one has placed the noble Qur'an more fully in its historical and contemporary context. Especially useful for those new to the study of Islam, this book's clarity is suitable for students of all levels but its sophistication makes it of great interest to advanced scholars as well. At the heart of the Islamic tradition lies the Qur'an: law-maker, moral code and the word of God, speaking directly to Muslims over one thousand years. Here the acclaimed Muslim scholar outlines the key themes, examining the complexities and controversies surrounding such difficult issues as truth, justice and gender relations. In the current troubled state of world affairs, Esack's elegant and objective guide offers readers valuable insight into one of the world's most powerful books, insight that is only going to become more relevant in the years to come. 320 page paperback.
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ISBN 9781851686247
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