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Sub-titled 'What Makes Human Intelligence Essential in the Age of the Algorithm', the book is a provocative stand against the tyranny of big data and scientism. Based on his work at companies like Ford, LEGO and Chanel, Christian Madsbjerg presents an impassioned defence of an arts and humanities-based education, and a blueprint for how companies and leaders can use human intelligence to solve problems. Contrary to popular thinking, Madsbjerg shows how many of today's biggest success stories stem not from 'quant' thinking, but from deep, nuanced engagement with culture, language and history. He calls his method 'sensemaking'. Both practical and philosophical, the book is a powerful rejoinder to corporate group think and a reminder that technology alone is not enough. In every realm of life if we accept your data as the only truth, we are in danger of losing the ability to understand people. 216pp, paperback.
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ISBN 9780349142258
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