CRIMINAL BRITAIN: A Photographic History

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Manchester Arena, Finsbury Park Mosque, the Bunch of Grapes bar at London Bridge, the 7/7 bombings, the nail bomb which ripped through the Admiral Duncan pub April 1999, the 1988 Omagh car bomb in Northern Ireland, the 1996 Manchester IRA bombing, the explosion onboard Pan Am 747 over Lockerbie, the Grand Hotel in Brighton, the Birmingham pub bombings, that is just some of the extraordinarily poignant and upsetting Daily Mirror newspaper photographs included in the section on Terrorism. Some of the earliest pictures are of the old buildings, many now demolished, which were the scene of Jack the Ripper's victims plus No 10 Rillington Place where bodies were found in the garden, the Acid Bath murderer John Haigh seen driving away from his hotel, the Moors Murderers, and Anne Downey mother of Lesley Ann pictured during a search for her daughter and another of her brother retrained by police as Ian Brady and Myra Hindley leave Hyde Court. Serial killers like Peter Sutcliffe, Harold Shipman, the Kray twins, grim basements, crowds outside courtrooms and prisons, police searches, here are killing sprees and mourners in this first-hand look at some of Britain's darkest moments. An impressive archive of the most infamous crimes caught on camera in this photographic collection. 144pp, mono throughout.

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