MINDFUL MAN: Words From The Earth

MINDFUL MAN: Words From The Earth

CASPAR WALSH    Book Number: 90874    Product format: Hardback

'How is being a mindful man different to a mindful woman? Surely the road to enlightenment is the same for our entire species regardless of gender? Do we need a separate focus to become Zen men? We already do a good job of emphasising (usually badly) the success of our gender. Why be mindful when we can have status?' So begins this author's journey looking back at his father meditating, chanting, reading spiritual texts, studying philosophy, art and psychology. Thus the spiritual path of life was opened up to him young, but his father would end up wandering back down the darker paths and getting caught up in spiralling madness. 'As well as books and music and philosophy, the houses I lived in were full of drugs, weapons and the ever-present threat of our front door being battered down again. My father did his best to break free from crime, but his efforts would usually end up with him back in prison or a hospital bed.' 'I've spent almost thirty years in the conscious company of powerful, experienced, loving, gentle men.' 'I've become an environmental activist, Shiatsu practitioner, playwright, journalist, author, memoir writer, charity founder, writer in residence, workshop facilitator, and retreat leader. This book is a download of the head and heart of a man trying to find a way through the forest. It's about what helped me find peace, serenity, value and meaning; how to address the shadow sides of life; the behaviours that can hold us back and keep us locked up in old, damaging ways and belief systems. Mindfulness sums up meditation, focus, attention and reflection in a single word. It means focus, paying close attention to what we are doing and connecting head to heart is the longest journey most men will make.' Chapters cover the physical man, emotional, family, brotherhood, sacred, working and mindful man, about connecting to the earth, spontaneous writing, chopping wood, anger, emotional avoidance, fear, grief, shame, joy, touchstones of vulnerability, building bonds, serenity prayer, work, silencing the machine and much more. A very positive book of spiritualism. 144pp, illus.
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