GRAVEDIGGERS: The Last Winter of the Weimar Republic

GRAVEDIGGERS: The Last Winter of the Weimar Republic

RUDIGER BARTH & H. FRIEDERICHS    Book Number: 90861    Product format: Hardback

How could it happen? How did Hitler rise to power in a democracy and then so ruthlessly consolidate his position as a dictator? This book looks at a single momentous winter in 1932, reporting meetings as they happened, sometimes hour by hour, plus the cultural context that made the voters prioritise prosperity with violence against peace and decency. The Weimar Republic reached astronomic levels of inflation, and journalist Bella Fromm was typical of many who lost most of their money and had to earn a living. The Nazi Party was losing popularity but was still the strongest party in parliament. President Hindenburg, a military hero of World War I, was wondering how to hold on to power when Chancellor Papen and his cabinet resigned. Defence Minister Schleicher again put forward the name of Papen, a risk-taker bent on revenge who was willing to give the Nazis limited power to further his own career. Hitler's head of propaganda Joseph Goebbels was exhilarated by the power game on which he was embarking, but Hitler himself was proving curiously unimpressive at close quarters. He quickly made it clear that he had no intention of seeking a parliamentary majority in his bid to be chancellor, and possible allies were wary. Finally Hindenburg reappointed Papen but he could not form a government and had to give way to Schleicher. In the New Year, Hitler and Papen began to meet secretly with a view to promoting Hitler's chancellorship. Hitler was fighting to retain leadership of the Nazis, who were losing prominent members, but by the end of the month he was appointed Chancellor. A fascinating account of wheeler-dealings and betrayals. 406pp, maps, chronology.
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