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By following a simple way of rebooting your metabolism and eating a healthier alkaline and less acidic diet and establishing a positive routine of mindful eating, follow the 14 day diet plan to reap the benefits for a healthier lifestyle. Here for the first time Dr Stephan Domenig shares the clinically-tested principals of the Mayr Alkaline Cure with no calorie counters or diet gimmicks. Mayr explains very elegantly the complete physiology of digestion and its central role for wellbeing and the connection between tissue tone and function, inner health and posture as one way to elevate health. The approach to wellbeing centres around one key word - balance. It's in the muscles, it's tension and relaxation. For food, it's alkaline and acid in a ratio of 2:1. The first benefits tend to be weight loss, increased vitality and improved complexion, skin tone and hair lustre and it will also reward you with stronger bones, better moods, enhanced brain function and a stronger immune system. You can achieve that by cleaning your system of toxins and identifying the foods and habits that will help you perform better. We know that we are what we eat, and acidity has been blamed for many cancers. You can measure your body's pH by using litmus strips to test your saliva or your urine, an excellent indicator of how well your kidneys are eliminating acid. The alkaline cure can help slow down the signs of ageing, renew energy and vitality, reduce bloating and constipation, defend against allergy and disease, and for younger people increase fertility. Remember herbs and spices are as universally alkaline as meat is universally acid. There is a list of alkaline superfoods beginning with avocado, an equipment checklist beginning with a steamer and a shopping list to get started on your 14 week kickstart, plus exercises for relaxation through breathing, stretching and a little cardio. Beautifully designed and laid out quality softback with full page colour photos and a very positive attitude. 176pp.
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