SILENT WITNESS: Second Edition Revised

SILENT WITNESS: Second Edition Revised

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Forensic anthropology and forensic sciences are used to solve the world's toughest crimes and a crucial part of a criminal investigation team. Often called upon to do the impossible, with just small fragment of evidence to work with, by the careful study of bones and other forensic techniques, forensic anthropologists can recreate the victim's identity and even their faces, and the means of death with seemingly impossible accuracy. Packed with over 350 photographs and 32 real life case studies, learn how these techniques help solve the Jeffrey Dahmer case, how a bank robber's body travelled with a circus and then 66 years later was found and identified on the set of the Six Million Dollar Man, how criminals attempt to outwit forensic scientists and fail, the attempts to unravel the mysterious death in 1850 of Zachary Taylor, the 12th President of the USA, the grisly details of the Katyn Massacre in the Soviet territory where thousands of bodies of Polish military prisoners were exhumed in 1943, mass graves in Bosnia, the 'Killing Fields' in Cambodia, the Waco siege, Lockerbie, the World Trade Centre are all touched upon. Warning, there are some very grisly photographs included. 224 vey large pages in softback, colour.
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very good
from Anonymous on 12/05/2022
This book is not to be confused with the TV series of the same name. It is very interesting , with short, not laborious crime depictions. I enjoyed the read.