KING JOHN: Treachery, Tyranny and the Road to Magna Carta

KING JOHN: Treachery, Tyranny and the Road to Magna Carta

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King John is familiar to everyone as the villain from the tales of Robin Hood - greedy, cowardly, despicable and cruel, but who was the man behind the legend? Historian Marc Morris draws on the King's own letters to bring the real John to life, depicted with dash and colour. Dynamic, inventive and relentless, John was also a figure with terrible flaws. In two interwoven stories we see how John went from being the youngest son with limited prospects to the ruler of the greatest dominion in Europe, an empire that stretched from the Scottish Border to the Pyrenees. His rise to power involved treachery, rebellion and murder and his reign saw oppression on an almost unprecedented scale - former friends hounded into exile and oblivion; Wales, Scotland and Ireland invaded; harsh fines and huge taxes, the greatest level of financial exploitation since the Norman Conquest. A quarrel with the Pope led to the King being excommunicated and England being placed under Interdict. For six years, the church bells remained silent and the dead were buried in un-consecrated ground. King John's tyrannical rule climaxed in conspiracy and revolt and his leading subjects famously forced him to issue Magna Carta, a document binding him and his successors to behave better in future. His rejection of the Charter led to civil war and foreign invasion, bringing his life to a disastrous close. The history includes maps and family tree, a description of the Family Empire 1120-1189 and includes Runnymede 1214-1215 and ends Fire and Sword 1215-1216. Also includes a translation of Magna Carta on page 299. Eight pages of colour photos, 382 pages of magnificent history.
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