WAR CHRONICLES: From Flintlocks to Machine Guns

WAR CHRONICLES: From Flintlocks to Machine Guns

JOSEPH CUMMINS    Book Number: 90682    Product format: Hardback

"In every war, they kill you in a new way." This huge and impressively researched volume examines every major war between 1783 to 1988, from the French Revolution to the Iran-Iraq conflict, looking at the marriage between science and killing which the author describes as "a true love match". He also confronts the moral dimension: civilised nations are not supposed to kill innocent people, yet the Holocaust and other modern genocidal massacres have been responsible for death on a massive scale. Studying the history of war is our best hope for not repeating the mistakes of the past. Each chapter starts with a one-sentence summary followed by a quick reference panel including combatants, theatre of war, major individuals and casualty numbers. A chronological account of the conflict is accompanied by a detailed analysis of a key battle, followed by a section on the commanders and finally a dossier on distinctive or surprising aspects of the conflict, for instance a section on "the French Revolutionary air force" introduces us to their surprising use of balloon power. The US Civil War cost 600,000 lives and turned the US into a nation. The Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 signalled a bleak future for independent African countries for almost a century, although at Isandlwana the Zulus inflicted the worst defeat the British suffered at the hands of an indigenous people. Featured commanders include Lord Chelmsford and Cetshwayo, the last king of the Zulus, who had earlier gained Queen Victoria's recognition. In World War I, Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig described the machine gun as "a much over-rated weapon" even as thousands of his troops were falling victim to it. Vietnam and the Soviet-Afghan war of 1979-89 still have repercussions now, and the book concludes with the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s and the chemical massacre of the Kurds. 384pp, fully illustrated with colour photos, maps, diagrams.
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