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Probably designed for children aged nine and up, all ages will appreciate the striking graphic stamps from printmaker Tom Frost in his beautiful and illuminating journey through the world of endangered animals. Jenkins is a conservation biologist who has worked for WWF and the UN and here he celebrates the mighty Asian elephant to the tiny rosalia longicorn beetle, the red-crowned crane, the polar bear, Grévy's zebra, the variable harlequin frog, indri, numbat, black rhinoceros, Tapanuli orangutan, the Amsterdam albatross, the blue whale, Iberian lynx, Galapagos giant tortoise, golden lion tamarin, largetooth sawfish, African wild dog, Sunda pangolin, Korean club tail dragonfly and okapi among them. For each, for example the okapi, the outlined and coloured graphic art of the animal looking at the viewer is framed by First Class Post, the country of origin such as Congo or Republic of Korea, and in the top corners local currency for example 800 franc as if it were an actual postage stamp with serrated edges. Opposite each huge full page colour artwork is a whole piece on the endangered animal together with a locator map, its class, family, IUCN status, numbers if known and where it is found. 30 endangered animals calling for help like never before, each is exquisitely illustrated as a stamp of the country where it lives. Take an armchair trip around the world and find out all about these beautiful creatures and how we can save them from extinction. 64pp, 25.8cm x 33.6cm.
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ISBN 9781406379310
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