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LEGO may be a toy, but in the hands of artists from around the world here are incredibly artistic creations of realistic sculptures of owls, dragons, motorised soldiers, minotaur, a World War Two military base, a Samurai warrior, a terror bird, futuristic warrior women, a pump jack, a cake trolly and flowers, a horn-headed creature, a nocturnal chapel, a crow's nest haunted crooked house, a winter pavilion, a zombie, T-Rex and Stegosaurus, an underwater laboratory, a robot on board a spaceship in an extraordinary creation called Tunnel Vision on page 79 by Tim Goddard and more futuristic spaceships from Clemens Kern and Chris Edwards, a LEGO brain, beetles and spiders, the black widow and the water strider. The technical ability is utterly extraordinary whether in the depths of the ocean, evil, skin and bones, almost human to dark towers, the collection will leave you marvelling at every turn. But dark has its lighter side too with sculptures of dark chocolate as well as plenty of black humour. Gothic fantasies and sci-fi horrors come to life created entirely with simple LEGO bricks. Extraordinary colour photography throughout, 326pp.
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ISBN 9781593275860
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