ENERGY SECRET: Practices and Rituals

ENERGY SECRET: Practices and Rituals

JAMES ALEXANDER    Book Number: 90531    Product format: Hardback

Physical and spiritual energy are latent in all of us but we often fail to realise how they can transform our inner resources and our relationships with others. The author is well versed in different techniques for releasing energy, focusing particularly on Tantric Energy and energy released by practising the Kabbalah. She starts with body energy, awareness of all the body's functions and organs, with breathing at its core, mentioning therapeutic breathwork systems such as Holotropic Breathwork and Rebirthing Breathwork with a caveat that they can take you deep into the self in a way that is potentially painful. Awareness of auras and chakras can be central to a realignment of the body's energies. Auras are what we recognise in others and the chakras are sources of energy located in different parts of the body, associated with colours and sound, that can be used in meditative healing. Shiatsu is a form of therapy relying on finger pressure and Bach Flower Remedies are a long-standing alternative way of spiritual wellbeing. Emotional energy is one of the most difficult to control, and a dream diary can be key to giving it a positive direction. The Tantra is a way of using sexual energy to connect with the power of elemental forces in the earth, while Feng Shui and its Indian counterpart Vastu Shastra are key techniques for using the environmental energy surrounding you in your home. The city and the office can be harmonised too. A final section on spiritual energy includes a detailed examination of the Kabbalah and associated techniques, starting with the Temple of Malkuth on the tree of life from which the seeker journeys out with a guardian spirit. The journey may involve finding our shadow and imagining a death experience before returning to our real lives with renewed energy and peace. 193pp, colour illustrations.
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