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Sub-titled 'The Mysterious and Misunderstood World of the Shark', this is the first book to reveal the hidden world of sharks drawing upon the latest scientific research to examine four species in detail - Mako, Tiger, Hammerhead and the Great White. This deep-sea tour of shark habitats ranges from the coral reef of the Central Pacific where Great Whites mysteriously congregate every autumn in a festival, to tropical mangrove forests where baby Lemon Sharks play in social groups, and to the frigid waters of the North Atlantic, home to 400 year old Greenland Sharks, the world's longest-lived vertebrates. Concerned with averting the looming ecological destruction of our planet, the book brings to light the importance of sharks and their role as ancient guardians of the seas, in this heartfelt tribute. When McKeever finally comes face-to-face with a Great White, the monster of his childhood nightmares, his fear is gloriously transformed to awe. In 2018 only four people died in shark attacks, while we killed 100 million sharks. McKeever also traces the evolution of the myth of the 'man-eater' and exposes the devastating effects of the fishing industry on shark populations. The sudden vulnerability of sharks, a species that has survived five extinction events, including the one that killed the dinosaurs, calls for a complete reinterpretation of our relationship with them. Without sharks the ocean ecosystem from seagrass beds to coral reefs would not be able to survive. Chapters also include Sharks as Social Animals, The Quest for the Tiger Shark, The Shark Attacks Files, The Sex Lives of Sharks and Human Trafficking At Sea among them. With Notes, 311pp, eight pages of colour plates.
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