RED: A History of the Redhead

RED: A History of the Redhead

JACKY COLLISS HARVEY    Book Number: 90507    Product format: Paperback

What is it about red (or, ginger) hair that conjures up such vivid images and provokes strong reactions? Popular female stereotypes range from fiery-tempered vixen to fun-loving scatterbrain and if you are a chap from savage barbarian to red-headed clown - no other hue of hair attracts comment or prejudice as red/auburn/ginger/titian/strawberry blonde. Jackie Colliss Harvey, author, publisher and critic and the only redhead in her family (a common familial situation on account of a recessive gene carried by both parents) found herself an alternative career as life model and film extra, one that came about solely on account of her hair colour, which got her thinking. This book is the result - the first volume to chronicle red hair and the state of redheadedness from prehistory to the present. Intrepid cultural detective, palaeo-geneticist and compelling storyteller, she weaves a wonderful story that begins with the red gene making its way out of Africa in the first human diaspora. Red hair was considered noteworthy in the ancient world, but in the anti-Semitic medieval world, as a perceived indicator of Jewishness, it was considered undesirable. Ginger fortunes improved in the Renaissance as the height of fashion in England and the art of the Pre-Raphaelites and Impressionists and then further with its symbolism and adoration in the popular culture of the modern age, tempered by the rise of "gingerism", arguably the last unacknowledged form of discrimination. Enjoy every aspect of its social and scientific heritage. With 8 pages of colour and b/w illus, 230 roughcut paperback pages.
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