JAILBIRDS: Lessons From A Women's Prison

JAILBIRDS: Lessons From A Women's Prison

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Darkly funny, breathtakingly poignant and stark in its revelations about the UK's attitude towards people on the fringes of society and women in general, this is a book about the individual stories of women caught up in our creaking and under-resourced prison system. Did you know that 48% of women in prison have committed an offence in order to support the drug use of someone else? 46% report having attempted suicide and that over 50% of the women in prison have been victims of more serious crimes than the one they have been convicted of. Women who commit crimes in order to get a roof over their heads, who star in prison plays and who deal drugs with Apprentice-style entrepreneurship, this book is about those who won their battles with addiction or mental health, and those who didn't. It's about those who will never come back to prison and those for whom it's the only safe space they've ever known. The author met wonderful, funny, brave and resilient people with complicated stories on both sides of the bars - violent offenders, neglectful mothers, incurable psychopaths, or cruel officers, the evil establishment and sexist judges. Come and meet them in this warm and very important book. Save £10. 293pp.
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