BENEVOLENT BEE: Capture the Bounty of the Hive

BENEVOLENT BEE: Capture the Bounty of the Hive

STEPHANIE BRUNEAU    Book Number: 90320    Product format: Paperback

All hail the bee and the honey it creates! How and why does it make honey? What is royal jelly? Will eating bee pollen really help seasonal allergies? All of these questions and more will be answered in this brilliant book on all things bee and honey-related including recipes and techniques for honey, beeswax, propolis, royal jelly, pollen and bee venom. The chapters will look at all the hive's products, suggestions on how to use bee-related products for health, wellness, nutrition and craft, as well as the science and history behind bee habitats. Learn how, at the tender age of 22 days, a worker bee is allowed to leave and graduate to become a 'forager' which will mean being taken on a 'training flight' by more experienced forager bees. Master the magic of honey healing, where manuka honey can balance the gut by preventing the growth of bacteria responsible for stomach ulcers and general honey can cut the healing time of a burn in half compared to when silver sulfadiazine is used. Travel back in time to admire the bee's presence in history, from a detail of a bee hieroglyph: from the tomb complex of Egyptian pharaoh Senurset I who died in 1926 BCE, and an 8,000 year old cave painting of a honey hunter at work near Valencia, Spain, to the Russian and German use of honey as antiseptic in World War One and the pop culture icon Jennifer Lopez who credited her clear complexion to her use of honey and lemon. The recipes offer healthy and tasty treats across the day, whether you want an afternoon 'buzz' smoothie which includes bananas and mango and start the day through oats with coconut oil, or sample stinging nettle tea with honey to get spring allergy relief and the bee sting cocktail which masterfully blends bourbon with homemade ginger and honey syrup. The book even includes clear instructions on crafting candles with wax, from rolled and hand dipped birthday ones, to one in a simple container, a floating acorn cap candle and honeypot luminaires. 8.8" x 10.3", colour photos, and index, 162pp.
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