ENVISIONING THE GARDEN: Line, Scale, Distance, Form, Colour

ENVISIONING THE GARDEN: Line, Scale, Distance, Form, Colour

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When we visit a garden we tend to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the planting without considering the elements of garden design which make all the difference to the atmosphere. Robert Mallet, a French master of scenic design who created Les bois des moutiers in Normandy, takes us through the basics of scale, distance, texture and colour with drawings that recall a stage set, and photographs that show how ravishing the end-result of a well-planned garden can be. Planting does not need to be symmetrical in the traditional French way so long as it is balanced, with a tall tree on one side reflected by one perhaps smaller but with significant density at the other. A photograph of the view from Buckland Monachorum, with the village church in the distance framed by trees in a wild garden, illustrates the point. Valleys, sunken gardens, stairways, terraces and stepped ramps are all resources within the designer's repertoire, and a winding sunken path in the garden of Parham House demonstrates how an apparently natural feature can create interest. Different kinds of paving are key to many attractive walkways, and the spiral and its derivatives are particularly effective in creating a sense of movement, for instance in Michelangelo's Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome. Changes in scale can be negotiated by the use of hedges to separate different areas, shown by the vista beyond an opening in the yew hedge at Great Dixter. Forms and textures in planting, including bamboos and Indian rhubarb, give the impression of a large space, while the use of patches of light draws the visitor into a scene. A garden awakens, brings energy, prompts dreams. 144pp, softback, diagrams, colour photos on most pages.
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