WALLACE & GROMIT: Cranking Contraptions Manual 2

WALLACE & GROMIT: Cranking Contraptions Manual 2

DEREK SMITH    Book Number: 90161    Product format: Hardback

Beloved inventors, entrepreneurs and television presenters, Wallace and Gromit have agreed to open up 20 more ingenious inventions for perusal. This manual will guide you through the machinations of creations such as the Bun Vac 6000, which fights large-scale rabbit infestations, the Mind Manipulation-o-Matic, which handily removes all unwanted thoughts and desires, and the Rocket Mk-2 - a moon rocket, which has undergone substantial refits since its first lunar excursion and is kept in "spaceship shape and Bristol fashion." Admire the iconic Anti-Pesto Launch System with its specialisation in high-tech pest-control which offers tailor-made services to deal with pests such as rabbits, rats and insects threatening vegetable gardens and allotments. If feeling weary and needing a solution to waking up early, take a peek at the Bed Launcher & Autodresser where a winch motor, assisted by a counterweight, lifts the head end of a mattress which causes Wallace to slide out of bed and then be dressed by an automated system. Illustrated by Graham Bleathman and designed by Lee Parsons, this collection includes fascinating, detailed blueprints of the dynamic duo's contraptions, whether that is the internal workings of an inflatable safety suit and the jumbo generator where the methane produced from elephant farts is used to meet the huge power demands of the pair's TV studio, or hover wellies which possess rear-mounted propellers to give forward propulsion and slits in the base of each air bag to create an air cushion for lift. Get a guided tour of Wallace and Gromit's cellar studio under their home at 62 West Wallaby Street where the centrepiece of the set is Wallace's workbench standing in front of the iconic backdrop "World of Invention". There are also brilliant photos from the Wallace and Gromit films, including Gromit doing a tug of war with their robot Labour Assisting Device (L.A.D. for short) over a mug, playing cricket with their Bowl-o-Matic, speedily pursuing dastardly pests in their Austin A35 Van and faffing with the Pie Launcher. With these contraptions, you will say, "job well done, lad!" 8.5" x 11", colourful illustrations and photographs, 98pp.
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ISBN 9780857331472
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