SCOOTERMANIA: A Celebration of Style and Speed

SCOOTERMANIA: A Celebration of Style and Speed

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From 1916, scooters zipped onto the streets. The aviation industry developed this transport to be genuinely innovative by having a step-through body, unlike motorbikes. Learn how, during WWII, Volugrafo Aermoto answered the call by creating 'The Welbike' which weighed just 70 pounds and, with a 90-mile range, was designed to fit into a 6ft long and 15 inches in diameter cylinder, ready to be assembled on landing as quickly as possible. Discover how, during the 1950s, Italy ruled the world of scooters and influenced other countries' manufacturing, including in Castro's Spain where they produced the vehicles under the Italian sounding 'Derbi Masculino' and French icons Guy Forquer and Jean Seberg scootered through Paris not on one of the 12 French-manufactured scooters but on a Piaggio. Get to know the scooter fan base such as the Vespa Club of Great Britain which was one of the first and would become one of the biggest European scooter clubs, growing from North-West London Vespa Club which was founded by a railway engineer to a host of 120-scooter clubs with events held at Harringay Stadium. Speed with the scooter racing of the 1990s where there were several classes of scooter race taking place such as 'standards' which saw Lambrettas and Vespas with engines around 150cc and 200cc capacity go head to head. Turn the engine on and take part in wacky rides such as Jeff Parker and Lewis More's journey on two new Model D Lambrettas across 340 miles from Edinburgh to Fort William in 1957 to break the engines in to ascend the 4,406ft of Ben Nevis. Admire the shots of scooters across the decades, including a custom decorated vintage Vespa adorned with flames, the Cushman Auto King Scotter which had a top speed of 50mph and did 100 miles to the gallon, and Mrs Anita White perched on her Lambretta scooter fitted with a pram sidecar in 1963. This is a thrilling ride through the evolution and design of many classic models. 8.1" x 8", colour and black and white photographs, 178pp.
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