ALIVE IN GOD: A Christian Imagination

ALIVE IN GOD: A Christian Imagination

TIMOTHY RADCLIFFE    Book Number: 90031    Product format: Paperback

The author was Master of The Dominican Order and is a prize winner for theological writing and here we are offered a privileged opportunity to glimpse the accumulated wisdom of a lifetime. His is an intensive theological reflection and the central theme of the book is that Christianity has much to offer the modern world if presented as a path towards imagination, life and love. Radcliffe contends that Society has allowed a reductionist understanding, 'the globalisation of superficiality' to limit our imagination, instil fear and limit our potential. In contrast religion and specifically Christianity inspires us to look beyond our immediate world view, take risks, live life to full and achieve our God-given potential. But how can Christianity touch the imagination of our contemporaries when ever fewer people in the West identify as religious? Anyone who understands the beauty and messiness of human life - novelists, poets, filmmakers, musicians - can be our allies, whether they believe it or not. The challenge is not today's secularism but its banality. We accompany the disciples as we struggle to understand this strange man who heals, casts out demons and offers endless forgiveness. In the face of death, Jesus teaches them what it means to be alive in God and he them embraces all that afflicts and crushes humanity. Finally, Radcliffe explores what it means for us to be alive spiritually, physically, sacramentally, justly and prayerfully. The result is a compelling new understanding of the words of Jesus: 'I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.' 424pp, paperback.
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