Book number: 89964 Product format: Hardback Author: SIGRI SANDBERG
Under the dark polar night of northern Norway, journalist Sigri Sandberg meditates on the cultural, historical, psychological and scientific meaning of darkness, all the while testing the limits of her own fear. This charming meditation has been translated from the original Norwegian and explores our intimate relationship with the dark - why we are scared of it, why we need it and why the ever-encroaching light is damaging our well-being. When did you last see the stars? 'Humans can see light, which is made up of electromagnetic waves, when the distance between the waves is between 400 and 700 nanometres (a billionth of a metre). Warm, yellowish-red light has a greater distance between the waves and a lower frequency than cold, blueish-white light.' 'It is a fundamental truth that darkness does not exist from an astronomical standpoint.' Very much a memoir we meet other characters and Sigri's husband and family. 'Northerner Karl does not expect this to end well. He is convinced that the city lady from the far south will go mad if she has to spend much time alone. Pushed over the edge by the darkness, by the storms, by the men, by this tiny cabin. Finally, the fog lifts. The men are often out trapping, tending to fox snares, shooting grouse?' 145pp.
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ISBN 9780751578645
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