PAPER FLORIST: Create and Display Stunning Paper Flowers

PAPER FLORIST: Create and Display Stunning Paper Flowers

SUZI MCLAUGHLIN    Book Number: 89949    Product format: Paperback

The author started collecting paper at an early age, everything from old magazines to thick, crisp art paper, and her project for a textiles degree was the creation of a garden made entirely from coloured papers. Commissions then flowed in, and in this attractively produced book she shares her expertise with amateurs inspired by her professional designs. Old letters, maps, sheet music and even brown paper bags can make a great flower head, and the finished blooms can then be arranged in any number of ways. Tools include a hot glue gun and a wooden skewer for curling the petal edges, florist tape and florist wire, a craft knife and scissors. The book starts with the use of florist tape to cover wire stems, attach flowers, or to build up multiple blossoms. Next is the stamen, the centre of the flower, which can be made with a cotton bud, crepe paper or a paper fringe. Sculpting the petals and leaves in a variety of styles needs a bit of practice but is very rewarding. After the techniques come 20 projects, starting with a beautiful yellow ranunculus made with a continuous spiral of paper, a poppy made with pleated paper, and a chrysanthemum using lots of layers of inwardly-curling fringe. Arrangements of blossoms include a mixed-flower bouquet, a hellebore spiral round a cake, and a spectacular floral stairway installation in subtle colours. A section at the back of the book provides actual-size templates for all the designs. 19.3 x 23.8cm, 144pp, softback, colour photos.
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