TOOL BOX: A Tool-Lover's Guide To Over 200 Hand Tools

TOOL BOX: A Tool-Lover's Guide To Over 200 Hand Tools

PHIL DAVY ET AL    Book Number: 89835    Product format: Hardback

Bronze tooled (excuse the pun) textured heavyweight hardcover, this visual guide shows each of the 200 tools from every angle in close up detail, paying homage to generations of craftsmen, their ingenuity and know-how. It traces the evolution of hand tools, a history of measuring and marking, using and choosing a mortise gauge, callipers, the spirit level. Then in detail we look at tools for cutting and chopping including the hacksaw, utility knife, shears and secateurs; tools for fixing and fastening like the screwdriver and pliers; tools for striking and breaking like a claw hammer; tools for digging and groundwork like shovels and spades, trowels and forks; tools for shaping and sharpening like a chisel and a jack plane; tools for finishing and decorating like sanding blocks and paint brushes and rollers and wallpapering tools. Don your hard hat and safety gloves, open the tool box and this beautiful book and organise your hacksaw from your pruning saw, the best knives you'll ever need and matching the right size of the screwdriver bit to the screw, plus what to look for when choosing a tool, how best to use it, and how to keep it in excellent condition. 22.5 x 26cm, 256 colour co-ordinated pages, hundreds of colour photos plus commissioned line art.
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ISBN 9780241302118
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