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With a foreword by our dear and sadly departed friend Max Arthur OBE, the book is sub-titled 'MI9's Secret Force and the Untold Story of D-Day'. Escape, evasion, survival - it's about how the Allies hid an army under Hitler's gaze. 75 years ago, MI9 dreamt up the most audacious escape and evasion plan of WWII - subterfuge, concealment and deception on a scale never seen before. With numerous downed RAF and Allied pilots on the run in Europe, and with a fabled Comet Escape Line having been infiltrated by double agents, MI9's plan was to hide these men right under the very noses of the Nazis. Choosing a forest in the heart of France, right next to one of the German army's largest ammunition bases, Belgian agents and the French Resistance would secretly transport and hide Allied pilots and soldiers within yards of the enemy. Nobody thought it would work, but the plan was so brilliantly executed that over 150 Allied escapers lived within the forest for three months in the run up to D-day. Despite numerous close shaves they were never discovered, and this outrageous and brilliant plan saw the evaders make their home in a true danger zone. The operation remained absolutely secret including to the surrounding villagers, until the end. Airey Neave and his plan for what became known as Operation Sherwood appears the stuff of fiction, but this story is completely true and all the more remarkable for it. By expertly weaving together contemporary interviews, archive material and first-hand witness accounts within a dynamic narrative, we sense the dangers and risks to all involved and the constant shadow of betrayal. The authors adroitly portray the main characters involved in this extraordinary undertaking revealing the sacrifices made by ordinary men and women and the children charged with smuggling food into the camp. 278pp, colour and black and white photos, paperback.
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