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From an MIT scientist, gifted historian and SpaceX mission manager, here is a thrilling and irresistible history of human exploration. In one single, book-sized expedition, Rader retraces a 10,000 year history from the Stone Age to the Space Age in a smashing narrative about the innately human drive to explore. From the days of antiquity and the classical world, the people of the sea and early wanderings, the chronicle take us to meet barbarians from the north, to travel to the Mediterranean, see China's age of exploration, plunder and gold, empires of trade, opening continents, frontiers of science, lands of ice and snow, and the space race to the sky, seen through robotic eyes, into the future the road to Mars, becoming spacefaring, going interstellar and life on other worlds. An exciting trip, 344pp, maps. Tiny remainder mark.

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ISBN 9781982123536

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