FREUD: The Man, the Scientist & the Birth of Psychoanalysis

FREUD: The Man, the Scientist & the Birth of Psychoanalysis

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The majority of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic and personal papers are based in the US, in the Sigmund Freud Archives. This is the only biography of the great man to contain images of 15 items of memorabilia from this and other archives - diary extracts and personal notes providing insight into the extraordinary mind of the man who defined our own. Known as the 'Father of Psychoanalysis', Freud's development of the techniques such as the talking cure, free association, and the interpretation of dreams revolutionised our understanding of the subconscious and signalled a new dawn in our perception of the mind and its workings. Framed within the context of political developments in Europe, the impact of anti-Semitism, industrialisation and the developments in biology, medicine and psychiatry, we see Freud as a researcher worried about his career who falls in love, makes mistakes and writes about them, worries about his health and money and friendships, and whose passionate desire was to discover the 'secrets of the soul'. Here are also short biographies of other key players. No pockets to remove these documents - they have been beautifully photographed in facsimile and reproduced on glorious orange pages in this very photographic beautifully designed large hardback. 19 x 24cm, 176pp, colour, illus.
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