SHUFFLE AND DEAL: 50 Classic Card Games

SHUFFLE AND DEAL: 50 Classic Card Games

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Card games are a tribute to the massive human ingenuity we lavish on our leisure activities. Originating in China, decks similar to the ones we know were found in 14th century Europe, with each one painstakingly crafted by hand before the arrival of printing 100 years later. This collection of 50 card games includes some noisy, easy to grasp games for big groups, and also some strategic sizzlers that will really bring out your worst qualities. Some have never been published in book form before. They are organised according to the number of players and are graded in difficulty. Spit is a rowdy game for two or more, and Egyptian Ratscrew is based on the same principles but requires even faster reactions. Ipso is a betting game for 2 to 5 players similar to Poker, and is a good introduction to the more famous game. Spoil Five, regarded as the national game of Ireland, goes back a long way and was mentioned in 1674 as "Five Fingers". Suicide was invented by Joakim Malmquist, based on R.L. Stevenson's short story "The Suicide Club". Relying totally on chance, it is graded as Easy, with no skill involved at all. This go-to book is illustrated by reproductions of classic card designs, from an elegant 1910 deck showing scenes from famous cities to a Tarot deck of 1870 in which the Jack of Diamonds is represented by the figure of Shakespeare. 160pp, numerous colour illustrations.
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