KOREA: Where the American Century Began

KOREA: Where the American Century Began

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The Korean War was the first of America's failed modern wars. A conflict which is not actually concluded, there was a cessation of hostilities agreed in an armistice between military commanders "until a final peaceful settlement is achieved". As is well known, this has never happened, and the ramifications continue right up to the present day, with the Korean peninsula remaining one of the most likely military flashpoints in the world. The border between North and South Korea, a heavily fortified 250km long, 4km wide "demilitarised zone" with over a million NK, SK and US troops on standby, dubbed by Bill Clinton "the scariest place on Earth", but ironically, this 1000km² swathe of land has become an ecological oasis, its total lack of cultivation allowing vegetation to run riot and support many animal species that are endangered or even absent from the rest of the world. This absorbing account of the world's top troublespot is, unusually for a volume of its kind, truly unputdownable, mixing the peninsula's fascinating history, religious influences, geography and meteorology with its politics, relationships with China and Japan, Russia and America and the War itself and its fallout. America's attempt, just five years after the end of WWII to engineer an arbitrary division on the 38th parallel of latitude to suit its own strategic interests began reasonably enough, by helping to repel a Russian backed NK invasion of the South. But having achieved that, General MacArthur decided to push past the 38th, into the North in an attempt to impose regime change and threaten the Chinese border on the Yalu River. The Chinese unsurprisingly reacted with force and fury, forcing the US into the most ignominious retreat in its military history. "How different would world history have been if MacArthur had had the good sense to stop on the 38th parallel." - Sir Alistair Horne CBE. 346pp paperback.
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