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Sub-titled 'A Guide to Raising Well-Behaved Succulents' here is how to start a family of small, bumpy structures out of which hairs, spines, flowers and branches can grow. Cacti are a variety of succulent differentiated by areoles and not all are prickly - some have thorns and are diverse and can be very beautiful from rose-like clusters to spiky shoots to geometric candelabras and button-leaved sprouts. They hail mainly from the savannahs and deserts and the ones in this book are largely from Africa, Australia and the Americas, but there are rainforest and jungle species too. As such they love warm, dry climates and can go for a while without water relying on their own storage system making them a lovely, low-maintenance addition to any home. First choose a spot with good access to sunlight and consider a variety of containers like pyramid glass or jazzy pots. They can be grown from seeds or propagated and the more the merrier. You will only need a bit of soil, gravel or small stones and a pair of tweezers to prune or propagate your buddy and maybe even a comb for grooming those woolly types. See pages 104 for the Old Man of the Andes cocooned in wispy white fur or page 120 the Cobweb Houseleek which looks like an artsy spider weaving inside a cabbage! We adore Christmas cactus with their fleshy, segmented stems and scalloped leaf-like edges, no spines and the most beautiful flowers, sometimes pink, sometimes white with long draping petals. Meet the Chinese Money Plant, the Eastern Prickly Pear, the Stone Plant, the Pencil Cactus, the Pearl of Nürnberg with pale, greyish-brown rosettes. For each there are training notes, styling notes, Latin and common name, and a beautiful full page colour artwork on each righthand page. With plant finder and buyer's guide, 50 succulent profiles. 128pp, colour illus.
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