CRAFTED: A Compendium of Crafts: New, Old & Forgotten

CRAFTED: A Compendium of Crafts: New, Old & Forgotten

SALLY COULTHARD    Book Number: 89391    Product format: Hardback

Handmade stencils, contemporary ceramics and trug making. In this vibrant and imaginative guide, the author explores more than 70 beloved and staple crafting skills. This celebration of creativity looks at the new, old and forgotten materials and techniques as well as the history of these proficiencies. There are thorough sections dedicating to studying paper work, from papier mâché, quilling, folding, origami and lino printing, to ropemaking, willow weaving, bronze smithing and raku pottery. Discover that you can create a mosaic using pebbles, shells, stones, clay, glass and glazed tiles. Follow in the steps of the pharaohs' Egypt and their jointed furniture, with furniture designs today acting like local dialects as a surveyor can spot which part of England a Windsor chair hails from by how the legs are braced apart. Be on trend and follow Vogue's advice that pottery is the new yoga due to its messy, unpretentious process, weave baskets using methods that have little changed in the last 3,000 years with one technique creating a structure through weaving reeds/willow in and out of 'ribs', and understand that appliqué, from the French appliquer, 'to apply', is the process of stitching smaller cut-outs onto a larger foundation cloth. The author includes fascinating fact boxes to improve cultural understanding of the skills, whether learning during spoon carving that the word spoon is derived from the Proto-Indo-European 'speh' meaning 'chip, shaving or a length of wood', or considering goldsmithing and the ongoing search for an Incan city, Paititi, which was referenced in a missionary's letter within the Vatican archives and described the city as being full of exquisite gold artefacts. Diagrams explain the difference between knitting and nalebinding for the reader who wants to explore different stitch styles while the paper modelling skill pepakura is used to describe how a template of a 3D scanned item is printed off and then cut out, folded and glued together. A section at the back explains poisonous materials that, although historically used, are not suitable now, such as mercury, silica and arsenic and the reader is offered four steps to making a living from craft: never stop learning, being open to other income streams, knowing your worth, and developing relationships. There are also exciting illustrations that depict crafting skills, from glassblowing close to a furnace, woodturning to make an ornament and an elegantly embroidered shirt, to globemaking, marbling a pattern and thatching along with thatching tools. Many full page colourful silhouette style illustrations, further reading list, index and craft organisations, 242pp.
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