LIFE OF LONGCHENPA: The Omniscient Dharma King

LIFE OF LONGCHENPA: The Omniscient Dharma King

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Longchenpa was a 14th century scholar and abbot of Tibetan Buddhism, a prolific writer whose 300 books, manuals, sadhanas and treatises cover the entire range of Buddhist teaching and practice. 650 years later he is still revered and consulted as an authority. In Buddhism, reading the biography of a great master can lead to a powerful level of faith in the guru followed by awakening and enlightenment, and this compilation goes to several sources for Longchenpa's life, including accounts of previous incarnations such as Princess Pemasal. In the Dzogchen tradition there are three circles, with the tantric cycle of Nyingthig the force that truly brings results in the body, and Longchenpa is revered as the one who actualised its inherent loving kindness and knowledge. He is also considered to be an emanation of Vimalamitra who brought the Zabmo Nyingthig from India to Tibet, creating an unbroken chain of lamas who have achieved the highest realisation of the rainbow body. In this selection of the master's writings there are several different lives, reflecting his incarnations, together with an account of his young life, when he mastered the teachings of the Buddha by the time he was 14, and his self-exile in Bhutan which led to his taking Kyipala as a secret consort and having a daughter and son with her. When the political situation in Tibet changed, he returned home, and his death at the age of 56 was accompanied by miracles and immediate reincarnations. 15 x 23cm, 194pp, paperback, line drawings.
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