DREAMS: A Conscious Guide

DREAMS: A Conscious Guide

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Humans have a long history of looking to their dreams for guidance, inspiration, spiritual connection and decision making. Kings have consulted seers and political and tribe leaders have looked for prophetic dreams and to their shamans. Dreams have led to inventions and scientific discoveries and the creation of moving works of art. So why I the modern human being so disconnected? Our quiet, reflective consciousness has been superseded by noisy distraction, and this book will teach simple intent, mindfulness, reflection and record keeping. A fascinating book to help you decode your dreams and subconscious, learn the 12 universal dream symbols and their meanings from animals (basic instincts, common behaviours and emotions) to water (unconscious mind, spirituality). The book begins introducing the science of sleep and brainwaves, a schedule and sleep hygiene like plants for improving air quality. The foundations of a conscious dreaming practice include dream journaling, plants, herbs, a tea ritual and meditation. Then we look in depth at the genres like compensatory dreams, recurring dreams, nightmares, learning from your dreams, lucid and mutual dreams, precognitive dreams and after-death visitation dreams. They are one of the most under researched and known as ADV. 'In the course of my work as a death doula, countless people have shared dreams in which they were visited by a deceased love one or friend. They helped bring peace and solace to the grieving dreamer.' 160pp, paperback, many colour illus.
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