NO BEAST SO FIERCE: The Champawat Tiger and her Hunter

NO BEAST SO FIERCE: The Champawat Tiger and her Hunter

DANE HUCKELBRIDGE    Book Number: 89067    Product format: Paperback

Bengal tigers are not by nature man-eaters, but in the early years of the 20th century the infamous Champawat tiger held the local population in the grip of terror until she was finally killed by the young hunter Jim Corbett. The Champawat tiger is thought to have clocked up a record toll of tiger victims at 435, moving with exceptional speed and changing her base regularly. The author believes that her savagery was the product of ecological and cultural conflicts, and he puts the predator's reign of terror into the context of colonialism and technological change. The notorious mechanical tiger of Sultan Tipu, a beast depicted savaging a European soldier, encouraged the British to see the animal as their enemy, while deforestation and loss of habitat drove many animals far afield for their prey. Crucially in Champawat, the British had outlawed the weapons that would have enabled the Indians to hunt the tiger. Huckelbridge's account of the tiger's last stand is a masterpiece of suspense. Tracking the tiger to her lair through the traces of her final victim, Corbett and the local tax collector or tahsildar got together a group of around 300 beaters. When the tiger appeared before they were ready, Corbett took one shot which failed. Another shot meant his rifle was empty, so in an act of incredible daring he ran across the clearing for the tahsildar's rifle, pursued by the tiger and knowing that he only had one final shot to save himself. A gripping story. 280pp, paperback, photos.
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