GLASGOW: A History of the City

GLASGOW: A History of the City

MICHAEL FRY    Book Number: 89062    Product format: Hardback

A one volume marvellous history of the great city of Glasgow from the Celts to Celtic by the controversial Scottish historian, author and journalist and regular contributor to the Scotsman, the Herald and the Sunday Times. Over ten chapters Fry explores the likes of trade, industry, religion, class and poverty and is excellent on the failure of the Scottish car industry, steel and textiles, and his essay on literature is simply brilliant. Beloved, reviled = and not only by Glaswegians - Glasgow isn't just the Industrial Revolution nor the Victorian slums. Founded in the 6th century, its forebears pushed back the Romans. The roof of its cathedral, founded in the 12th century, survived the Reformation. Its 15th century University welcomed Adam Smith and the Enlightenment. It prospered from sugar, tobacco, cotton and slavery in the 18th century, and saw the rise of the Red Clydesiders in the 20th. Glasgow is not just a city, its an urban civilisation in itself, unique and fruitful and its denizens have seen the rise and fall of the city, they have survived bombs and demolitions, and somehow kept their sense of humour intact. Now the city plays a pivotal role in Scotland's future and in the future of the UK. 428pp in glamorous publication with eight pages of photos.
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