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From fashion, art and costume, to manga, popular culture and the just plain weird, the skull has always captured the imagination. In this mammoth book, artist ILYA shares photograph after photograph of skulls and skull iconography in order to explore why these bones are everywhere, how they appear in different parts of life and, even, how they remind us of living. Sections include art, tattoo, designer and rock 'n' roll skulls, as well as chapters on 'empire de la mort', real-life superheroes and natural selection. Admire pieces from George Ioannou's "Dead Famous Collection" in which pop icons such as Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain and Bob Marley are seen in pop art images with their characteristic hair but skulls instead of their faces and find fashion inspiration from skull-related attire such as leathers from Lewes, UK where skulls on belt buckles and bags are staples in pirate fashions, civil war couture and vaudevillian voodoo and the wearers parade the items at local Bonfire Societies to mark the Glorious Fifth (of November, Guy Fawkes night). The creature sculptures of Jessica Joslin are included as reminiscent pieces of the Victorian era's Cabinets of Curiosity and the book shares some of her 200 sculptures to ignite the imagination, whether that is Jacques, a turtle made from the animal's shell, bone, antique silver, glove leather and glass eyes, the bird, Cooper which includes chandelier parts and antique hardware, or Pyramus the bat whose antique hardware produces a fun, gothic wall piece. The author also looks at how skulls are incorporated into our daily life, from fashion such as a skull pullover by Pink Dragon and Inagaki's Miyu Decay line which includes sterling silver bat skull bracelet, necklace and cufflinks, to pasted on our walls via street art like the painting Gone Done Wrong and Klone Yourself's artwork on city walks in Tel Aviv, Israel. This is a celebratory banquet and engaging collection of the 'ultimate doom-laden' icons: skulls and their place in our world. Paperback, stunning colour photos, 450pp.
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