FASCISM: A Warning

FASCISM: A Warning

MADELINE ALBRIGHT    Book Number: 88778    Product format: Paperback

The first woman to serve as US Secretary of State, Madeline Albright presents a personal and urgent examination of fascism in the 20th century, and how its legacies shape today's world. The 20th century was defined by the clash between democracy and fascism, a struggle that created uncertainty about the survival of human freedom and left millions of innocent people dead. Albright draws on her own experiences as a child in war-torn Europe and her distinguished career as a diplomat to show how fascism not only endured through the course of the 20th century, but now presents a more vigilant threat to international peace and justice than at any time since 1945. The momentum towards democracy that swept the world when the Berlin Wall fell has gone into reverse. The United States, which has historically championed the free world, is led by a president who exacerbates popular divisions and heaps scorn on democratic institutions. In many countries, economic, technological and cultural factors are weakening the political centre and empowering the extremes of right and left. Contemporary leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un are employing many of the same tactics used by fascists in the 1920s and 30s. Chapters include A Doctrine of Anger and Fear, Close Your Hearts to Pity, Erdogan the Magnificent and Dictatorship of Democracy. 288pp in softback.
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