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One of the big pictorial Haynes manuals, this glossy production is for all our Dungeons and Dragons loving friends and fantasy modellers. Tabletop gaming is enjoying a huge renaissance and sales of hobby board games rises every day, particularly after lockdown and now played in small groups enjoying the social pleasures of face-to-face play over sterile digital counterparts. The Guardian now hosts regular boardgame content and there are boardgame cafés springing up across Britain and America. This special guide takes us through all aspects of the game from popular and traditional through to role playing and miniatures. There is a history of board games ancient and modern from the Riddle of the Sphinx to Chequers, Morris dancing, moral mazes, early automation, the Magic Circle, games in Germany, Alquerque, draughts, Othello, dominoes, Ludo, and Mancala. Then paper money and of course card games that don't use 52 card decks, and favourites include Skat, Jazz and Scopa. Ars Magica remains in print; Traveller first came in a series of small booklets; Dave Arneson's system that formed the basis of Dungeons and Dragons was set in the fantasy world of Blackmorr; Talisman was originally published in 1983 and Warhammer soon followed. We The People was recently revised and republished as Washington's War; Vampire: The Masquerade was the first game in the phenomenally popular World of Darkness games. Fiasco started life as a design prototype called Hat Creek about the evolution of a town in the Wild West. Here are all about the tournaments, franchises like Star Wars: Armada, grouping games, playing online, buying and storing games, colour photos of a magnificent set of custom laser-cut dice, custom animal pieces used in Agricola, small toy cars, astronauts, plastic figures, monsters and warriors and Wookiees and how to dry brush and colour, all about the boards and modelling and making maths fun with abstract games, party games like word guessing Alias or Monopoly. Most people are familiar with the game of Risk but it comes in a variety of perplexing editions. Finally there is designing and publishing your own games and variants. A very hands-on manual, heavyweight hardback 188pp, 8½" x 10". Colour illus.
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