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Sherry is due for a big revival just as gin has blazed a trail over the last few years. The book is sub-titled 'A Modern Guide to the Wine World's Best-Kept Secret' and it contains cocktails and recipes. A big heavyweight quality hardback, this is a stylish and well written book. No other wine is as versatile, as utterly unique in its range and production methods and unfortunately as misunderstood as sherry. For centuries it was considered to be the world's great wine, spoken about in the same reverential terms as the finest Bordeaux and Burgundies. But in the few decades sherry has lost its way - cheap, cloyingly sweet blends sullied the reputation of what remains one of Spain's oldest and greatest winemaking traditions. Thankfully sherry is in the middle of a renaissance. Beloved of sommeliers and bartenders alike, today sherry is being rediscovered and reappreciated both as a remarkable table wine and as an essential component of many classic cocktails. A complex wine, it may be incorporated into recipes and for the adventurous drink enthusiast, here is something new and unexpected to discover. The book demystifies sherry. It is a thorough buyer's guide to top producers, profiling the very best bodegas and wines. Cocktail recipes include the Tuxedo and Sherry Cobbler, as well as modern creations from top bartenders - Jim Meehan's East India Negroni, Derek Brown's Kojo Cocktail to name two. Manzanilla Champagne, three dashes of paprika bitters and one sugar cube make the fantastic London cocktail known as the Flamenco. More than a dozen recipes for tapas and other delicious foods to be eaten alongside a glass of sherry tempt our taste buds. They include Braised Chicken and Clams Sofrito, Cured Ham, Cumin and Paprika Spiced Almonds. Full page colour photos give a real taste of Spain whether it is a crowded liquor rack in a bar, an unprepossessing door of a bar, a sherry taster at work, old oak barrels, vintage labels, a bull's head mounted on the wall of a bar bedecked with posters, the Solera system introduced in the Sherry Triangle, the Palomino Fino grape which is king used in all of the dry sherry styles - fino, Manzanilla, amontillado, palo cortado and oloroso. The two main grapes planted in the Sherry Triangle - Pedro Ximénez or PX and Moscatel - are responsible for the region's two sweet wines. Whether you like it brawny, nutty, caramelly, salty, spicy or floral or sweet as hell, here are 266 delicious pages. Fully illus.
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