KING TUT: The Journey Through The Underworld


KING TUT: The Journey Through The Underworld

SANDRO VANNINI    Book Number: 88639    Product format: Hardback

Early photography of Egypt captured the romantic 'Ancient Wonderland of the Pyramids' and by the late 1990s, when Sandro Vannini started his work in Egypt, a technological revolution was about to unfold. Emerging technologies enabled him to document murals, tombs and artefacts in unprecedented detail using the strenuous multi-shot technique which revealed colours in their original tones with vivid intensity. This superb heavyweight brand new guide marks the centenary of Howard Carter's 1922 first excavations in the Valley of the Kings. In their timeless splendour, here are offerings and rituals to Osiris and eternal life, stunning golden jewellery like the falcon collar with iridescent blue jewels, the multicoloured blues, greens and reds of the funerary mask of Senu, scenes with the god Anubis, golden masks, sandals with enemy figures, scenes from The Book of the Dead painted on papyrus, a perfume vase in the form of a boat made of alabaster, a spectacular winged sun disc, a motif combination of the gods Ra and Horus, bejewelled scarab pectorals with the scarab Khepri standing on the neb sign. The amazing gallery is an invaluable window into a long-extinct belief system and an intricate picture of how the ancient Egyptian people viewed the perilous journey to paradise. With text by the photographer and captions by specialist Mohamed Megahed and chapter introductions from scholars in the field, this is a fitting tribute to the boy king's odyssey. A breath-taking volume, remarkably detailed quality colour photographs on black sturdy paper, 508pp with wraparound endpaper, 15.6 x 21.7cm. New from Taschen.
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