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Composer, thinker, pacifist, revolutionary prisoner, activist, celebrity, visionary - here is a life lived at the forefront of the 20th century. The music of the British composer Michael Tippet including the oratorio 'A Child of Our Time', five operas and four symphonies is testament to this visionary artist. But little has been written about Tippet's extraordinary life and this is his long-awaited first biography, a century-spanning narrative of epic scope, and an epic heavyweight hardback of 750 pages. Researcher Oliver Soden has discovered troves of unpublished letters and manuscripts and recorded moving interviews with Tippet's friends and colleagues and here paints a portrait of a powerful intellect and infectious personality. He also uncovers the sorrows and secrets that Tippet stowed away beneath his cheerfulness and his often tragic love affairs. Figures such as T. S. Eliot, E. M. Forster, Barbara Hepworth and W. H. Auden jostle in the cast list. An Edwardian world of gaslight and empire cedes to turmoil and warfare. One startling revelation is the extent of Tippet's involvement in the fiery left-wing politics of the 1930s. The narrative roves from the mining villages of the north, blighted by unemployment, to a cell at Wormwood Scrubs where Tippet was imprisoned as a conscientious objector. Later chapters cover his operas' game-changing attitudes to gay and civil rights against a backdrop of the Cold War and the Space Race. Singing from the page comes the music through which Soden charts an exquisitely written course, offering lucid reading for Tippet's most famous works, while resuscitating forgotten masterpieces. A landmark of scholarship and storytelling, 750pp with fairly large print and photos.
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