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Everything about Meat Loaf is big. The place he was born (Texas), the family he was born into (he weighed nearly 250lb before he was even in his teens), the sound he made, and of course the records he sold - 60 million combined sales of 'Bat Out of Hell' and 'Bat Out of Hell II'. But big doesn't always mean better. There was the alcoholic father who tried to stab him with a hunting knife, the musical mother who died too young, the school bullies who taunted the young Marvin Lee Aday mercilessly. So how did an overweight, bullied, near-orphan come to be one of the biggest rock 'n' roll musicians in the world? Cue the entrance of Jim Steinman, the reclusive New York songwriter and composer of 'Bat Out of Hell'. Together they cut an odd couple, but made an unstoppable force. However the globe-straddling success of Bat was only the start of a dream that soon turned into a nightmare. Refusing to become the puppet to Steinman's musical master, years of acrimony followed until in 1993 when Meat and Jim, the monster and his creator, reunited for 'Bat Out of Hell II' and its attendant mega-hit 'I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That). Suddenly it was 1977, only bigger. The next 25 years found them repeating history - falling out, reuniting at the eleventh hour, the one unable to fully exist without the other. Now with Meatloaf confessing to author and long-time interviewer Mick Wall that 'I have made my last record, this is it for me' and the stage musical version of Bat Out of Hell finally on view, the time is right for this motorcycle ride through the fire biography. Many may also remember Meatloaf best as the 28 year old in the Rocky Horror Show movie playing Eddie, the crazed biker covered in surgical scars who manages to get murdered, twice! Big softback, 310pp, colour photos.
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